Monday, August 3, 2009

worth a thousand words...

Let's Play Catch Up!

Hello everyone! thanks for being so patient with me!! i've been terrible at updating my blog lately!! sorry! i'm just going to post a bunch of pics to let you all know what the warren fam has been up to!

The 2009 Race for the Cure, this was the first time my mom and i have ever done this and i can definately say it will become a tradition! we had so much fun! such a wonderful experience!!!

Gracy graduated from her Pre-School. This was so fun, and they had their own little cap and gowns! We are so proud of gracy, she is so smart!

Thomas and I had a yard sale last month and tried to sell my mom's old ski outfits. thomas decided to try one on and it was sooooo hilarious! the pictures say it all....

For the 4th of July this year, we went to a neighborhood bike parade in the morning... this was gracy's first time decorating her bike, she had so much fun! later on we had a bbq at my parent's house and stuck around the neighborhood for some fireworks. gracy had a lot of fun and the sparklers were her favorite! even marley got in on the festivities!

We also went on a fishing trip with the newsome fam the weekend before the 24th. this is our new tradition... we had so much fun! lisa has some more pictures of this trip that i'll have to put on later, but here are some... ps: i was the ONLY one that didn't catch a fish!!!! grrrrr!!!!!!

so that's what we warren's have been up to this summer!!! hope you enjoyed!