Monday, January 26, 2009



A = Age: 24
B = Bed size: queen

C = Chore(s) you hate: laundry and vaccuming
D = Dessert you love: cheesecake and ice cream
E = Essential start your day item: my cell phone alarm
F = Favorite actor(s): steve martin, jack nicholson
G = Gold or Silver: silver
H = Height: 5'5"
I = Instruments you play: piano
J = Job title: office administrator
K = Kitchen color(s): white, black, red, and light blue
L = Living arrangements: duplex with thomas, gracy and marley
M = My name is: lindsay newsome warren
N = Nicknames: linds, pixar, pix, pixie... you get the point
O = Overnight hospital stay(s): i was there for 3 nights i think?...
P = Pets: trousers and marley
Q = Favorite quote: "patience young grasshopper"

R = Right or left handed: right
S = Siblings: sister; lisa and bro-in-law; chris, and half-bros; mike and jeff and lots of in-laws!
T = Time you woke up today: 7:38 am
U= Unique about you: i can fold my togue like a clam shell...
V = Vegetable you love: asparagus
W = Worst habit: i have lots of bad habits.... i press snooze for at least an hour every morning
X = X-Rays you've had: abdomin, neck, arm, knee. probably more!
Y = Yummy food you make: spaghetti sauce
Z = Zodiac Sign: taurus

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my mom.

today is my mom's birthday, and i wanted to do a special blog just for her! first of all, i want to say...
there are soooo many reasons why i love my mom. so many i can't even list them all, but i will try to put down some of the most important ones:

*she is the most understanding person i know

*she has an amazing voice (thanks mom, for the talent you have given me)
*she has always supported our family it whatever we have decided to do in our lives

*she has a great sense of humor... i LOVE LOVE LOVE when my mom gets laughing really hard, it's so contagious!

*she is a great cook and always works hard to give us kids a good home-cooked meal

*she has always allowed me to wake her up at any time just to talk... i love our talks mom.

*she knows all the fun places to go in hawaii i.e. chuck's cellar!

*she used to be a beach bum

*she is a great golfer

*she is a great friend and has had the same friends for years

*she is so classy

*she loves my dad

*she is a breast cancer survivor!

*she loves her family... <3

*she has taken to being a grandmother so well, and she is the best!

*she ALWAYS has perfectly painted finger nails

*she always paints gracy's finger and toe nails and gracy always looks forward to it

*she has never missed one of my dance or choir concerts and ehs even came on all of our dance co. trips. they are some of my favorite memories

*she has aged so beautifully... so much that my dad still looks at her like this...

*she has a stong testimony of the gospel and isn't afraid to share it

*she is one of the strongest people i know...

*she is sensitive

*she helped me get everything for my wedding together, let me tell you... that is not an easy feat!

*she helped me get ready on all the most important days

*she has always been the best mother that she knows how to be

mom, you are one of the most important people in my life... you have always been there for me and our family. you have always been stong in your beliefs, and i'm so proud of that. you are the definition of class and beauty. you are so creative. you are so determined. people always tell me that i look like you, and i couldn't be more proud. you have taught me so much and look forward to many more years of lessons and experiences with you. i love you so much and i'm proud to be "my mother's daughter."

i will always be your "most-a-precious"

happy birthday mom!