Saturday, February 28, 2009

marley and me.

yesterday was our dog, marley's 1st birthday!! i can't believe it! kids grow up so fast don't they? :) we found marley on a site called, and KNEW we had to have him! he is a west highland terrier/shitzu mix and has just about the cutest face ever! the thing i love about dogs is that they are always your constant companion, no matter what. they are loving and nonjudgemental. they are fun and energetic but also just like to cuddle. marley is probably the most disobedient dog ever, but we love him soooo much! i can't imagine not having him in my life, he's brought so much happiness to our lives. happy birthday marley bear! we love you!

sorry the pics are out of order!! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

surgerys and all that fun stuff

i just wanted to post a quick note telling my dad that i appreciate him. my dad is an extremely hard worker, always has been. he is a heating and air conditioning contractor and is extremely good at what he does. he often goes unthanked for the things that he does and i just wanted to let him know that i appreciate everything he's done. he has helped us immensely on our duplex with different things that needed to be done. dad had to have surgery today to fix his shoulder. he's been having major problems with it... torn ligaments and bone spurs. my mom just called to tell me that he's out of surgery and that it was a success. PHEW! i always get so worried about that kind of stuff. so anyway, just felt like letting you all know how much i love and appreciate my good ole' dad.