Monday, December 29, 2008

a few of my favorite things.

i was thinking... there are a lot of things that i really love right now. so i thought i'd share them!

first of all, i'm really loving the show "it's always sunny in philadelphia." it's wildly inappropriate, however, it's so hilarious. when i say inappropriate, it's just the type of stuff that makes you feel really awkward and uncomfortable when you are watching it. to help you better understand, some of the titles of the shows are: "charlie has cancer," "the gang finds a dead guy," "the gang goes jihad," charlie wants an abortion," "the gang finds a dumpster baby."

heroes, if you haven't watched this show before, i HIGHLY recommend it. it's so creative and fun to watch much like the show "lost" which i also really love and can't wait for it to come back on!

knitting, my mom recently taught me how to knit. just basic knitting skills, nothing fancy. but i'm in the process of making two scarves right now!

yahtzee! i love yahtzee! thomas and i used to play all the time and haven't played for a while until last night. i love that game! such a fun way to spend time with the people you love.

as you all know, i'm a HUGE twilight fan. still completely loving the books too! i'm also reading the book marley and me right now. it is SO good! i would recommend it to anyone. it makes me laugh out loud so you KNOW it's gotta be good. the stories he tells of marley remind me of my little marley. he such an out of control dog but he's the most lovable creature.
i'm really loving the fact that gracy is starting to like watching real people shows. so yes, i don't mind watching them either! we have been watching a lot of drake and josh lately. it's such a cute show and i'm glad we get to watch non-cartoon shows once in a while, altough i've always been a fan of spongebob.

those are just a few of my favorite things right now...i'm also really loving scarves, boots, the bread from iggy's, starting to scrapbook again, thomas' new electric razor... now, if i can only get him to use it!, blankets, my new scentsy snowflake warmer, and many many other things! i'm looking forward to going home tonight; play a rousing game of yahtzee and cuddle up with thomas and watch it's always sunny in philadelphia!


Kalli said...

Please teach me how to knit!!!!!!!!

allieb said...

so I finally started watching it's always sunny in philadelphia...hilarious!